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Scrutineer   Estelle Grassby  (powered by scrutelle)

Results will be uploaded at the end of the evening on Friday 21 April
except for the formation events which will be uploaded on the Sunday

10 A North of England Junior Ballroom
11 A1 Juvenile Jive
12 A2 Junior All Girl Sequence
13 A3 Juvenile All Girl Sequence
14 A4 Junior Boy/Girl Sequence
15 A5 Junior Viennese W
16 A6 Juvenile Boy/Girl Sequence
17 A7 12/13 years Ballroom
20 B Junior Samba
21 B1 Juvenile Fylde W/Waverley TS
22 B2 Junior Windsor G/T Solair
23 B3 British Juvenile Ballroom Championship
24 B4 12/13 years Latin
30 C British Junior Ballroom Championship
31 C1 Juvenile Cha Cha Cha
32 C2 British Junior Modern Sequence Championship
33 C3 Juvenile Windsor G/T Serida
34 C4 British Juvenile Latin Sequence Champ
35 C5 Under 10 years Jive
40 D British Junior Latin Championship
41 D1 Juvenile Viennese W
42 D2 Junior T Magenta/Premier TS
43 D3 British Juvenile Sequence Champ
44 D4 British Junior Latin Sequence Champ
45 D5 Under 10 years Quickstep
50 E British Junior Sequence Champ
51 E1 British Juvenile Latin Championship
52 E2 Junior Jive
53 E3 Juvenile Gainsborough G/S Santarna
54 E4 12/13years Countess W/Midnight T
55 E5 Juvenile Woodside W/Quando Q
56 E6 Under 10 years Lilac W/Boston TS
57 E7 Juvenile Sequence Formation
58 E7A Junior Sequence Formation
61 F Juvenile B/L 6-8 Couple Formation
62 F1 Junior B/L 4-Couple Formation
63 G Juvenile B/L 4-Couple Formation
64 G1 Junior B/L 6-8 Couple Formation

Scrutelle Version: V 9.8.16c
Results uploaded: 23/04/17 2237

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written under the direction of Estelle Grassby

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